Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Ethan White Interview

Born 1982

This is an interview between Jimmy Porto, host of The Whovians Youtube Channel, and Ethan White or Sixstanger00 on YouTube, someone that I know through Facebook.

Ethan and I are not 'friends', but I have great respect for him in terms of his Doctor Who views (and not just because they are similar to mine).  Ethan and I are radically different in terms of social background and worldviews.  However, I find Ethan's reviews on his channel amusing and clever.  If nothing else, Ethan is always brutally honest in his assessments about anything Doctor Who-related.

Just the way I like it.  Even when I disagree with them.

Again, I don't always agree with Ethan on either Doctor Who or other issues, but I think both of us (if I may speak for him) are highly disturbed by the direction the show is going.  I think we both are watching Doctor Who, a show we both genuinely love, disintegrate before our eyes with dumb stories, unthinking fans who never question anything they see, and a megalomaniac producer who has decided HE is the greatest thing to happen to Doctor Who

In short, Ethan and I, at least on Doctor Who, are mostly of the same mindset.   This video, if it plays, is a great intro to a sharp and insightful mind on the subject of Doctor Who.  Be forewarned: Ethan uses 'colorful metaphors' freely on his own channel, so those who object to that kind of language might want to know that ahead of time.

However, I urge all to listen in to Ethan White/Sixstanger00 on his Doctor Who views.   You can find him here:    

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